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Catalyst is a chemical compound used to speed up any chemical reaction also the production of most industrially important chemicals involves catalysis. . Shiba Agro is a well known name in manufacture as well as supply of Catalyst. The company owns and maintain all technical know how as well as expertise necessary information on the production of catalysts.

We are supplying catalysts to many government as well as non-gvernment enterprises and our product is running excellently with good proven results.

  644401 High Temperature CO Shift catalyst
644402 Medium Temperature CO Shift catalyst
644403 Low Temperature CO shift catalyst
644404 Sulphur-Tolerant CO shift catalyst
644405 Styrene catalyst
644406 Formaldehyde catalyst
644407 Ammonia Cracking Catalyst
644408 Benzene Hydrogenation Catalyst
644409 Benzene Series Waste Organic Gas Purification Cat
644410 Catalyst for Refining oil desulfurization
644411 Catalyst for Coke-Oven Gas Purification and Decom-position
644412 Thermal-Shielding Catalyst
644414 High Temperature H2S Removal Catalyst
644415 Low Temperature H2S Removal Catalyst
644416 ¾” Iron Oxide Catalyst Cubes
644417 ½” Iron Oxide Catalyst Spheres
644418 ¾” Iron Oxide Catalyst Spheres
644419 1” Iron Oxide Catalyst Spheres
644420 Touluene Desulphurization Catalyst
644421 Coal-Tar Oil Desulphurization Catalyst
644422 Coked Benzene Desulphurization Catalyst
644424 Solid fuel combustion catalyst
644425 Nickel catalyst for hydrogenation
644426 Palladium catalyst for hydrogenation
644427 Platinum catalyst for hydrogenation
Speciality catalyst: Under secrecy agreement and as per requirment to customer specification.

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